Negativity Around Us

Negativity around us

When was the last time, when after someone did wrong to you, the first thought that came to you was forgiving him/her???

You don’t have to answer this to me but yourself, and I am pretty sure, you’ll have a hard time recalling one such incidence!

Past few days; I’ve been interacting with young energetic minds and I am saddened to know that we all are completely drenched with rage, anger, hate, and negativity!

And to added benefit to these Social media has worked as a catalyst to flame us this negativity.

If someone tries to pull my leg, my first reaction will be finding a plan of action that’ll gain him harm. While doing so, I will not consider the fact that in all these, I am not getting anything productive or I am not even being remotely benefited, except my ego getting satisfied.

While scrolling through the internet, reading some comments and reply which is really heartbreaking. I am sure having a disagreement while discussing face to face, we won’t start with verbal abuse. But!
We are sitting behind our computer screen or mobile phone, the person cannot physically access us and that gives us the advantage of abusing in any way possible. It gives us all the right to say anything to him/her, his/her ideology, his/her family; anything!

On one hand, we talk about heavy words like peace, compassion, forgiveness, equality; But! We somehow miss to implement it. And who cares if we are not implementing it.

It is not our duty right??

We are showing our rage and anger towards everything wrong; we have done our part of the duty. Isn’t it so???

I do remember a few months back there were two people having differences in punishment given for Rape. Just after 2-3 comments, these young, active and sincere citizens of my great country were ready to gang-rape their mothers and sisters.

I am pretty sure, the kind of words people use over the internet sitting behind their computer screen, they won’t even dare to speak when the same debate comes face to face.

In the world of easy access, we’ve surrounded ourselves with complete negativity.

We, at Patna Diaries, request you to please look around you, try to find the meaningful compassion and empathy around yourself.

And just remember:

“You need Power, only when you want to do something harmful otherwise. Love is enough to get everything done.” ― Charlie Chaplin.


Do share your personal experience of the negativity, you’ve seen or faced in the comment section below!

Patna Diaries humbly request you all, next time when you experience a situation like these, just take a ten-second gap before responding. we’re sure even this ten-second will bring a lot of change and productive positivity in you!

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