Unconventional career approach of youths in Patna

Unconventional career approach of youths in Patna


Parent: Doctor, engineer, UPSC ya Banking ko hi apna career option select karna?

This type of career question was generally asked by our family.

Even we also generally go along with such career options in our life.  Most of the parents want their child to join any one of these prestigious professions without knowing his/her interest. According to them, their kids will have a financially secure future in any of these work fields.

The preeminence of medical, engineering, teaching, and government service as traditional career options will never be diminished. Yet, there are few enhancing career options for youth who have the zeal to prove them differently.

Today one can find many alternative ways that not only help us to earn money but also fame in an exciting and innovative way.

It is good to see that the youth of Patna started thinking beyond the boundaries of tradition and explore career options in the fields that they always secretly wanted to work on.

Some of the innovative career options are animation, event management, photography, game designer, actor, dancer, fashion designer, hair and makeup specialist, food tasting, hacking and many more. Colleges have introduced courses like Bachelor in Mass Communication (BGMC), Bachelor in Business Economics (BBE), and B.com Profession (BCP) to have students knowledge in vocational areas.

Lately, photography courses have become popular among youngsters. Event management is a field of high scope. Radio jockeying is the most sought career option among youngsters. Dancing, music, YouTubing, Film making and glamour-related job are the career options that attract the youngsters.

This type of career option help in the development of your society. Introduction of new career options will decrease the percentage of youth going outside the state and country. It will ultimately lead to an increase in economic and educational development of the society.

So, smash the dance floor with your body moves, capture the world through the lens, make the people fan of your design, and thrill people of your animations. Consult with others, try to do some research about the scope in the field of your interest. But, don’t allow anyone else to make the decision for you. Decide your career on your own.  Gone are the days when your marks in school and college decided your future. It’s your future, it’s your life, so choose your career according to your interest and desire.

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