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Bihar’s Government Hospitals in need of Booster Dose

Bihar’s Government Hospitals in need of Booster Dose. According to the most recent study on health infrastructure at the district level, released by NITI Aayog, Bihar is among the bottom two of all states and Union Territories in terms of its health infrastructure.

Bihar Government Hospitals Image source: Indian Express

According to research created with the assistance of WHO India and the Health and Family Welfare Ministry. Bihar has only six hospital beds per lakh residents. Although, the national average is of 24 beds. With 222 beds per one lakh residents, Puducherry stands at the top of the list.

The right to receive care at government hospitals is guaranteed to those from lower socioeconomic classes. However, they cannot exercise this right. Additionally, it has been claimed that Bihar’s hospitals have long had deplorable conditions.

One can see patients sleeping on the floor, unclaimed remains are always there in hallway. Some patients have saline drop bottles hooked to the ceiling lights, and—most importantly—doctor visits are infrequent. Serious patients do not have access to emergency rooms.

This is an illustration of the 17-year “sushasan” (good governance) of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The largest hospital in the state, PMCH, is in the care of nurses and resident doctors. Majority of senior physicians are mostly off-duty or are unavailable

The wards are extremely congested and emit an offensive urine odor from adjoining, filthy restrooms. These restroom are completely unfit for human habitation.

The majority of patients who visit government hospitals are underprivileged and unable to purchase their medications from outside sources. Yet the hospital pharmacy is also devoid of medically necessary medications. Nearly 600 different types of medications should typically be free to patients and available in the hospital pharmacy.

  1. As per reports, Patna Medical College Hospital boasts of having 1,675 beds, and the state government has kept a target of increasing it to 5,462 beds. PMCH has got around Rs 5500 crs last year. On average, nearly four thousand patients visit PMCH daily. There are 36 wards in PMCH. A total of 586 posts of doctors and professors have been sanctioned, but presently, there are only 331 doctors, while 255 posts are vacant