PD Marvel of the Month June

PD Marvels of the Month – June

The time has come when we, at Patna Diaries, celebrate a few people every month who are doing substantial things in their respective fields.

If you are a regular on Instagram or Facebook, then I am sure you must have come across these three profiles that we are covering today. The three profiles that we have chosen are from three respective genres, i.e. Entrepreneur, Musician and Photography.

So, let us introduce you to the PD Marvels of the Month for June.

Shashank Kumar

PD Marvel of month june - shashank kumar

Born in Chapra, Bihar and raised in a small-middle-magnificence circle of relatives, Shashank has led his group to many milestones consisting of triumphing Millennium Alliance, Vodafone cell for exact and movement for India-AFI. He has additionally brought TED talk at TEDx IIT Kanpur in 2012,TiECon Silicon Valley in 2016

Identified as an Ashoka Fellow in 2013 as one of the worldwide change maker, Shashank has also been provided as ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ in 2013 by Bihar CM in 2014. He became featured as Forbes 30 under-30 via Forbes-India. He has additionally been featured amongst awesome Indian via instances Now returned in 2014.

In beyond years, he evolved a unique version and technology innovation, DeHaat, to offer cease-to-give up agri services to small and marginal farmers at affordable charges. DeHaat is a one-stop destination for small farmers

Faroghe AzzamPD Marvel of the Month June

Faroghe Azzam, more popularly known as Azmi, is a very popular face in the music circuit of our city. He is consistently working in uniting all the artists in Patna and creating a collaborative environment. He is a graphic designer by profession, but a true musician by heart.
Azmi started Community Jamming that regularly organises busking events in Patna. In a recent event, he even roped in musicians from outside Bihar to perform here.
His performance of “Desh Humara Kab Badlega”, an original composition is heartwarming. It compels you to sing along with him and wonder that when will our country actually change for betterment?

Yuvraj Kumar

PD MArvel of the Month - Yuvraj Kumar

Acting enthusiast Yuvraj is one of the finest wedding photographer in town. With his hardwork and diligence he has created Photowale Wedding Studio

Beginning as a visual artist in Mumbai Yuvraj concept of doing some thing he returned Patna and began from small shoots through the end of 2016. Yuvraj is now taking pictures even better with the assist of generation and gaining knowledge of from his experience. He has been featured and been at the pinnacle on canvera for ultimate twelve months and running hard to maintain.
Yuvraj along with his ardour and know-how in pictures, heads the creative crew has helped in bringing the agency to a one of a kind stage.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not checked their Facebook/Instagram handles, then go and check it out right now. Also, drop in any suggestions at patnadiaries@gmail.com

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