Did you lose your Instagram followers today?

Did you lose your Instagram followers today? I woke up in the morning and saw a substantial decrease in my followers count. For me, it was just 30 followers, but I was feeling sad about it. After a while, I Read More

Is winter coming to an end??

Is Winter coming to an end?    I always believed that the cause of the winter season is the distance between the sun and earth. The Earth is farther from the sun during winters and closer to the sun during Read More

Patna needs a bigger Airport

Patna needs a bigger airport   I was recently flying out of Patna airport. I reached the airport 2 hours before my flight. To my surprise, the queue outside the airport was quite long. After 10 mins they thankfully started Read More

I am not a Plastic Bag

You all must be well aware that plastic carry bags were banned from 14th December 2018 in Patna. Only plastic bags above 50 microns of thickness which are used for biomedical waste are exempted from this ban.

Bird Flu in Patna

I was traveling when I read a small write-up on the front page of the leading Delhi newspaper about the bird flu threat in Patna. Patna zoo is closed from 25th December till further notice. Till now seven peafowls and Read More