10 Pages that a Bihari should follow

These days, a lot of pages are doing quite well on Instagram. These pages have dedicated themselves to show us something good from Bihar. So, we at Patna Diaries thought to compile a list of Instagram handles that every Bihari should follow.

1. City of Patna – cityofpatna

10 Pages a Bihari should Follow - Patna Diaries


It is the official account of Patna Municipal Corporation. They have quite an interesting Instagram page. You can find a lot of before and after pics of the newly painted walls of Patna. They also have interesting facts and quizzes about Patna.

2. World Class Bihar – worldclassbihar10 pages a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries

They showcase the beautiful monuments of Bihar. They also have a nice collection of comparison of monuments in Bihar and at other places.

3. Patna Beats – patnabeats
10 pages a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries


They are redefining the word Bihar by showing different aspects of Patna including nature, people, culture, food, art, architecture and lifestyle. This feature page gives a platform to photos of Patna clicked by the citizens.


4. Patna Shots – patnashots10 pages a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries

They are the lifestyle YouTubers of Patna, who love to explore Patna. Normally, you can find places to visit and eat on their channel. They do love eating street food. You can see Patna through their eyes and they focus on showing the changes in Patna.

5. Alpesh Gaurav – alpesh_gaurav.1

10 pages a bihari should follow - patna diaries


This down to earth individual is the biggest food blogger from Bihar. You can find amazing and tasty home-cooked food on his Instagram handle. The simplicity in the way he presents the food in the typical thali, that every Bihari household has, is his USP.

6. Love Story of Fork and Knife – l_s_o_f_a_k10 pages a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries

These budding food bloggers started this year only, but are going strong. They give you an honest review about the places they visit. They love food and it is obvious by the frequency of places they visit and explore. 

7. Amazing Bihar and Jharkhand – amazing_bihar_jharkhand

10 pages that a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries


This feature page brings forward the best of bests of both Bihar and Jharkhand. They call themselves storytellers who love photography and good photographs. 

8. Photographer of Bihar – photographersofbihar10 pages that a bihari should follow - Patna Diaries

This feature page shows the talents of Bihari photographers to the whole world. You will find beautifully clicked pictures of different citizens and travellers. It focuses on showcasing the photography skills of people.

9. Club Clicks Photography – clubclicksphotography

10 pages that a bihari should follow - patna diaries


They call themselves a photography club. This page promotes good photography done by people in and around Patna. Their gallery contains fascinating photographs from different aspects of our life. Club Clicks also provides training and workshop for photography enthusiast.

10. Incredible Bihar  – incredible.bihar10 pages that a bihari should follow - patna diaries

They are helping their followers discover Bihar. Their photographs tell stories from places in Bihar. Their gallery is full of spellbinding and captivating pictures of various places, things, animals, art and everything else of Bihar.

Each of these 10 pages has something different to showcase. So, what are you waiting for? Follow them today and enjoy the beauty of Bihar.
Happy Instagramming 🙂

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