The New Low of High Social Media Influencers

The new low of High social media influencers

The month of April is an influencer in itself. Last month, we, at Patna Diaries, experienced a series of notification of anniversary of one or other big social media influencer.

In April, we saw n number of pages, organisations getting founded or started and ironically Patna Diaries also celebrated its foundation day in April.

While people were watching the series of stories from pages to influencers to followers wishing them on their anniversary! We were witnessing the hilarious low of these so-called High Social Media Influencers.

One fine day of March, I opened my Instagram page and saw series of messages from pages and people mentioning that they’ve their anniversary is coming up and they want a small video message wishing them Happy anniversary.

You started something a year or two ago, and you are still continuing that thing. With the grace of God, people are now recognizing you. And you are being heard. People are taking your opinion seriously. Isn’t it a good thing??

Certainly, it is!

BUT! May I ask you dear Influencer.

In past one year or two or even 6, if you still have to remind people that this particular date is your anniversary, and you really have to beg, Yes you read it right, BEG! For so-called good wishes from people! Then what actually have you accomplished so far?

Lemme ask you?

How genuine those good wishes are! And oh dear Social Media influencers, Please tell me what’s the benefit of these big number of followers and series of stories when you can’t even get a single genuine wish!


Of all these years of your establishment, in our view, you have failed to make an impact!


The impact on which you started.


The impact with which you wanted to actually influence people!


Social media is an effective tool to convey your thoughts and messages!

But people are getting stuck in the swamp of likes and followers. They are getting so much obsessed by the number of counts. And the big circle of virtual people around them.That they are actually forgetting the actual meaning!

Our emotions are now getting replaced by Emoticons.

Our voices are now getting replaced by shares.

We’re getting ourselves involved too much online that we are actually forgetting that there is a whole new reality we have been missing!
Public speaking skill amongst students, teenagers and youths is getting lost! The online and offline personality of people is completely different!

We, at Patna Diaries, request you all to please look up from your computer screen and find the true meaning and impact everyone is looking for! Else like all these Pseudo-Social media influencers with big numbers and limited real people around you’ll fail to make the Impact for which you’ve started!

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