Making of Jute Products in Bihar

Making of Jute Products in Bihar

Jute has definitely changed the scene of craft making in India. Alongside Assam, Orissa, Tripura, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, it is also grown and abundantly available in Bihar as well.

Today, there is an uncountable number of people who work for this industry and are solely dependent on it for a living. Their job is to make a variety of jute products and handicrafts, but have you ever wondered what goes into making these wonderful products, how each and every step is being formulated and carried out?Making of Jute products in Bihar - Patna Diaries

One can say a lot of labor goes into the making of these products. The fibers are firstly extracted through the process of retting in which all the bundle of jute stems is immersed in running water. After this, comes the process of stripping over where all the non-fibrous matters are scrapped off and all the fibrous parts are grabbed from the jute stems.  The jute threads are then gathered together and tied at a point. The threads are then divided into 3 parts and braided by twisting one on top of the other. Once these steps are completed then jute cloth is brought from the market and cut accordingly for the required pattern. These clothes are then stitched together to derive various products like bags, coasters, mats, and many more. A number of products are handmade with simple tools while others are machine-made.

This art has generated a number of handicrafts and products that have good market valuation. 

Jute in Bihar - Patna diaries

A major force that made jute products so much in demand would be due to the durability, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable materials. People also prefer simple designs and variations in the products. All such factors have kept the jute industry to date quite functioning.