#JCBkiKhudai is trending; why???

All of a sudden if you are seeing memes of #JCBkiKhudai flooding your social media feed, then Congratulations! you’ve just witnessed the joke on height of joblessness people have.

Some thing or everything can be a meme, but from time to time, something so random starts off evolved trending for no apparent cause and a number of people are left harassed about its reason.

This morning I witnessed this phenomena when my Twitter timeline was filled with – JCB Excavators. I kept wondering why the hell any sort of excavator has come into fashion and why everybody is getting crazy about it?

Why are people spending so much time making memes about them?

The reason I found was as weird and random as the meme itself.

The JCB Excavators are having their share of Internet meme fame just because there are a gaggle of movies of these excavators on YouTube that have hundreds of thousands of perspectives for no reason.

Getting views isn’t always smooth, thus these random videos basically getting more perspectives is kinda a big deal.

Yep, this is it. No reason apart from humans just being so jobless that they might be looking for JCB Excavators digging online.

Now, in less than a day, #JCBKiKhudai is the largest trending topic on Twitter India.

Have you recently seen one meme or post regarding this useless #JCBkiKhudai??? Do share your views in the comment section below.