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The weekends in Patna will not be the same

The weekends in Patna will not be the same

The weekends in Patna will not be the same. With a Youth Population of 66%, India is leading as the Youth country as of now. And the Youth of this country are the spirit of the land. The more enthusiastic and creative youth the country nurtures, the chances of witnessing development and growth increase in direct proportion. To encourage youth, Patna Diaries has been actively promoting different activities. These includes Book Reading, Open Mic, Musical Session, Interactive Session and many more.

Weekends In Patna

In this aspect, Bihar is no way lagging. The youths of Bihar are engaged nationwide in different talent representation – be it Shloka and Maithili Thakur, representing Bihar on National Television or R. James Sunny, Shubhra Rani, and many other singers who perform live for the people of Patna. The list of art forms from Bihar creates their own books but the list of artists from Bihar goes on and on.

To encourage and give a platform to these young, enthusiastic and talented artists. There is no better place than their city and no better audience than their people. To develop a stream of writers who can write confidently, and singers who can sing along with their partner musicians perfectly, Patna Diaries, along with Patna’s cafés and restaurants, has taken up the charge to create a new vibe for the weekends in Patna.

With the purpose of a new generation of young and creative generation, there is an imminent requirement to take initiative at home. We are doing our bit. Join us every weekend and be a morale booster for these artists. You can connect with our social media handles for all the regular updates. These small steps will go a long way in laying the foundation for the creative world’s future leaders.