Social media influence on youth of Patna

Social media influence on youth of Patna

You are an addict,
You can’t escape,
So that you’ve become mundane,
I can ruin,
I can make,
I’m the one who can manipulate,
But if you determine yourself then you can change.

Today, everyone is fascinated by social media, especially the youth.

Let’s look at the story of social media and give it a personified image of a desperate girl Shreya.

Shreya, a girl who always wanted to become famous; known by everyone. She was quite beautiful and rich. One day she met a boy who used to be a so-called topper and was indulged in studies only.

Shreya wanted to change that boy at any cost. So, as usual, she made contact with his friends and after a few days, she reached that boy. Shreya was so beautiful that the boy melted in front of Shreya and the young love begun. That boy used to roam around Shreya and do nothing else. Everything was happening according to Shreya’s plan. She started controlling the boy’s mind and after that, she started manipulating him. Her opinion was now becoming the boy’s opinion also. The boy stopped thinking and started living his life as Shreya wanted to. He was becoming numb day by day and his brain was becoming dead and as usual, the boy became living dead.

This is the story of maximum youth of Patna. They have forgotten the meaning of life. They live for social media. They want to show off their life to others. They sit together, they chat together but on social media. Reality is vanishing from the lives of the youth of our city Patna.

I want to share my personal experience.

One day, there was a free lecture in my college and I was sitting in the ground relaxing. I moved my eyes from left to right and I saw around 25-50 students were sitting on the ground in small groups and each member of the groups were using a phone and sitting together, no any real conversation was happening.

I found it so ridiculous that there was a virtual conversation going on. Then after college, I was returning home and the same happened in public transport. Everyone was sitting like a dead person with earphones in their ears and phones in their hands.

Social media is changing the life styles of youth no doubt but, simultaneously it is ruining us also. They have turned into anti-socials. They don’t want to interact in real life rather than virtual. They don’t want to make friends. Their days start with social media and doesn’t even end. Youth have stopped exploring themselves.

Social media is good but don’t exhaust yourself completely into it. It’s a kind of sweet poison that destroys you slowly and slowly. Use it as a platform to outshine yourself, don’t drown yourself in it in such a way that you lost yourself.

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