TeaSelling-Patna Diraies

Tea-selling: Best Resort for Bihar’s Unemployed Youth

Amrita Sinha

India is a country that takes its child’s education and job much more seriously than any other thing happening around. The common discussion of every house is what profession will their child take after completing his/her studies and the typical Indian families land up first for government jobs, slowly inching back towards engineering or medical and finally settling their expectation on any private employment.

Tea Selling Patna Diaries

Unlike every other one of us, Priyanka Gupta, an economics graduate from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth in Varanasi. Hailing from the Purnia district of Bihar prepared and tried her best to get into a government job. But when she could not make it, even after preparing for months. She decided to take up the challenge interestingly and started her own tea stall – “Graduate Chai Wali” near Patna Womens College.

The Irony

A country that is considered to be a tea drinker’s paradise, takes the job of tea selling as the last resort. In our childhood days, we have all been thrashed by our elders with the same scolding – “Padho likho mat. Chai ka dukan khol ke baithna”. But the names like Chayos, MBA Chai Wala, Chai Sutta Bar, Graduate Chai Wali and many more, are setting examples. The everyday beverage industry and proving that anything and everything can take you up the ladder of success if done with whole heart.

Bihar has witnessed tea-selling as its fastest growing business in the past one year. The streets of Patna now have tea stalls with creative names in every area. One such new example is “Maha Gathbandhan Chai Wala” who has installed his tea-stall near Patna Zoo recently. The stall has images of Mahagathbandhan leaders, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The state government that once promised 10 lakh jobs to the youth of the state. But the youth is now being advertised at a tea-stall cart owners. These youth, selling tea for Rs. 10 on the streets of capital is a big answer to the CM’s promise of job provision to them.