Festivals knock: Is it the same for all?

Festivals knock: Is it the same for all? “Indian Railways announces 179 pairs of special trains till Chhath Puja”. The news headline that can be seen everywhere this week. But why? Because a large flock of Biharis resides in almost Read More

Tea-selling: Best Resort for Bihar’s Unemployed Youth

Amrita Sinha India is a country that takes its child’s education and job much more seriously than any other thing happening around. The common discussion of every house is what profession will their child take after completing his/her studies and Read More

The Unending struggle for Hindi Journalism | Patna Diaries

पत्रकारिता की चकाचौंध, पत्रकारों जैसा रुतबा का कौन कायल नही रहता? पूरे भारत में हर दूसरा आदमी ये बात जानता है कि पत्रकारों के पास पावर है। ‘प्रेस’ में काम करना एक गौरव की बात होती है और हो भी Read More