Sleeping doesn’t mean that you are lazy!!!

Sleeping doesn’t mean that you are lazy!


Well, a lot of time people equate a person who sleeps a lot with them being lazy. We all have heard the statement from our family members – Saara din soti rehti hai. 

I also used to believe that I sleep a lot until I got a sleep monitor band. When I started wearing it, I realised that I hardly get more than 6 hours of sleep. Most of the days, it is just 5 hours of good sleep, even if I was actually sleeping for 7 hours according to the clock.


That made me wonder, why do I feel sleepy?

If I am trying to catch up with my sleep, why people think I am wasting my time? And, then I recently read somewhere that March 15 is World Sleep Day. No, that doesn’t mean that we need to sleep all day long on the 15th of March every year.


This day is celebrated every year to create awareness about the benefits of good and healthy sleep. Most of us suffer from sleep disorders and we don’t actually realise it. In our society, talking about sleep problems is not an ACTUAL problem. Just like depression is equal to being just too sad. Feeling sleepy means you are just lazy.


Sleep is very important for our well being. If I don’t get enough sleep, then I start feeling cranky and end up being irritated on people around me the following day!


Insomnia is so common among youngsters these days. We just spend hours and hours on our phone because we are not able to sleep. And, because of the light and mind activation caused by looking at moving pictures in turn our brain does not get the signal to sleep. We are just not able to switch off everything and try to sleep with our thoughts for 30 minutes. Even I can’t do it. Our mind is so unstable that it keeps getting diverted and then to control our thoughts, we get glued to our smartphones.


It’s high time we need to create awareness about such issues also and start talking to a specialist who can solve our problem. We need to sleep at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily. 


So, as the slogan of World Sleep Day says, When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound! Sleep well and live fully awake 🙂 



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Priya Nath - Patna Diaries
Priya Nath


Miss Priya Nath is a known face amongst youth of Patna.

She, along with her childhood BFF Sonam (AKA THAT PATNA BLOGGER), runs a YouTube Channel named Patna Shots. Priya, a Computer Application Post Graduate, has keen interest in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s in the same from IGNOU.


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