CookBook: A preposterous Service

People do not necessarily go to a restaurant once. They might not have the same experience every time they go. But when it comes to the staff services, a customer never compromises on that. I’ve been to many restaurants, whose foods were definitely not up to the mark, but the staff’s response and hospitality had definitely won me over. Unfortunately, these things don’t add up for one of the most happening and overrated food joints in town

Ambiance: (3.5/5 stars)

With the ample space on the Third Floor of Uno Business center, this restaurant has tried to put it all to cater to a vast range of audiences, with quirky Scooter Table to basic Fine Dine arrangement, the ambiance is full of variables. I certainly liked the bookshelf near each corner table for customers

Taste: (2.5/5 Stars)

I have tried, their Mocktail “CookBook Malt” which was definitely living up to the name, along with that we had ordered the main course with chicken, mutton dishes and rice and bread to accompany with it.
I wouldn’t say that taste was not good, but neither would I say that it was fabulous. I had tasted better and cookbook dishes definitely come under an average of neither good nor bad. Though if you are up for some light snacks, you can definitely try them

Service: (0/5 Stars)

I’ve never ever seen such ill-mannered, unprofessional, and preposterous hospitality staff in my entire career. The serving staff had zero clues of how to serve drinks and meals simultaneously. And the cherry on top, they do have the audacity to shut you out if you ask for the manager.

Summary: (2/5 Star)

To summarize, I’d say if you have a celebrity status that you get extra attention, you might get good service in Cookbook, but if like me you are not; then be sure you keep your self-respect locked deep down in the ocean before you visit this overrated restaurant

About the Author:

This review is written by Irfan Noori, Founder & Convener of Patna Diaries.