COVID19 | Nature’s Pay Back

COVID19 | Nature’s Pay Back Is it nature paying us back? (COVID-19 ) Is it time to stop? Is it some sort of message? Or is it nature paying us back? The world is suffering a lot because of the Read More

World Children’s Day – Our bright future

You might wonder that we just celebrated our children’s day on 14th November. Then what is this again? 20th November is UNICEF’s global day of action.   It is a day for children, by children. As Lady Bird Johnson said, Read More

Ye Diwali Apni Wali | Message from #CleanPatnaDrive

Ye Diwali Apni Wali | Message from #CleanPatnaDrive Diwali is here! It’s the festival of lights. I love the way our city is decorated during Diwali. Everyone cleans their houses, painting is done, the house is decked up with lights. Read More

Patna Rains: Unanswered Questions

Sadly, every year North Bihar witnesses flood. This year central Bihar was also flooded. But, what we saw on social media with the hashtag #PatnaFloods was not flood. According to the dictionary, “flood is an overflow of a large amount Read More

Flourishing cafes in Patna

Cafe Culture in Patna A cup of cappuccino, a beautiful evening and spicy gossip with friends. Sound Perfect, isn’t? This is the scene of different cafes in Patna. Gone are the days when you needed to think about where to Read More

राहत कार्य का महत्त्व

28 सितम्बर, 2019, को सुबह उठी, तो हमारे मोहल्ले की रोड, घरों के कैम्पस में लगभग तीन-चार फीट पानी भरा हुआ था। लगातार बारिश हो रही थी। ऐसे तो पिछले तीन-चार दिनों से बारिश हो रही थी। घरों के बाहर Read More