Encourage a Young Writer Day

Encourage a Young Writer Day

Well, one may argue that why we have so many days to celebrate different things! And, all these days are the big corporate’s strategy to commercialise and gain from consumers. But, we live in the time, when we are so caught up in our life, that taking out a single day to appreciate something is also very important!

Every year, 10th April is celebrated as Encourage a Young Writer Day. So, today, we at Patna Diaries, are going to talk about how we can encourage young writers around us. Children from a very young age have a wild imagination. A four-year-old can also tell you fascinating stories. By the age of five, kids know how to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Their stories are creative (read: don’t try to find logic in them) and mostly about animals.

As kids grow…

As a child starts going to school, I feel our education system slowly starts encouraging logic more than creativity. So, as a result, our little storyteller with enchanting stories of dragons, flying panda and talking monkey becomes more practical.

As a family member, I think we should continue the storytelling tradition at home. Kids love listening to stories. They can hear the same story again and again. As they grow older, they become interested in comics. We should supply them with all different kind of books. Be it Nancy Drew or any series by Enid Blyton.

Tips to encourage young writers

Did you know, in 2018, a four-year-old boy from Assam, Ayan Gogoi Gohain, became the ‘Youngest Author of India’?  We should also encourage young ones to write. It is a great outlet for their feelings. Some of the things that we can do to encourage young writers are:

  1. Gift them a diary.
  2. Discuss newspaper articles with them.
  3. Give them different kind of books to read, so that they can find their topic of interest
  4. Ask them to write on different topics in different styles. This will help them find their own voice.
  5. Always be ready to listen to what they have written.
  6. Help them connect with other young writers.
  7. Take them to open mics and other platforms where they can try out their writings.
  8. Ask them to subscribe to their favourite blog site to get inspiration.
  9. Show them movies to improve their vocabulary.
  10. And lastly, tell them to have patience and to remember that it is ok to make mistakes.

So, don’t let this world curb the creativity of young ones. It is our sincere request to encourage young writers around you. 

Happy Writing and Encouraging! 🙂

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