Celebrating the Power of Youth – YUVA

On 8th and 9th March, our city witnessed the Youth fest. The main motive was to bring the Youth together and make them understand about the issues related to our society. They were motivated to do some voluntary action to bring change. With the tagline – Bano Nayi Soch, Oxfam India and Community Jamming organised this fest.


Students from various colleges in Patna and from rural areas participated in the development dialogue that took place in A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies (ANISS), Patna. The youth is equivalent to energy which is much needed for us to make our society a better place.

Oxfam has been working on the campaign of Gender Justice to change patriarchal mindsets that influence violence against women. As I had just finished the article on Domestic Violence, I was really curious to know what the speakers had to share. Priya Nath and Sonam from Patna Shots who were among the audience were kind enough to let me know the details. They are also conducting workshops for Oxfam India with the male students for different colleges in Patna. The main idea behind these workshops is to make them aware of the gender issues prevalent in our society.


Dr. D M Diwaker, Professor, ANISS gave the keynote on “Youth engagement as an opportunity in the contemporary socio-political context of Bihar”. Professor Diwaker explained the students how the tax money that goes to the government is actually our money. Furthermore he talked about how the percentage of this amount spent on improving the public education system is so meagre. He also talked about the low percentage of women in higher education. The students need to be aware and active to demand their rights according to the Constitution of India.


Pankaj Anand, Director, Programme and Advocacy, Oxfam India came from Delhi to talk to the students about the Role of Youth and Active Citizenship. He explained the role and need of youth leader in an interactive session with the students.


Pratima Kumari, founder of Gaurav Grameen Mahila Vikas narrated her life story. This motivated the students to understand their true potential and not let hurdles come in their way. She said that women need to be self-independent and self-reliant.


Mohammad Shams Aalam Shaikh, International Para Swimmer talked about his life and how he overcame the physical loss and made the most out of it. He also discussed the lack of facilities and accessibility infrastructure available for people on wheelchair in our country.


The students also saw the screening of the movie – Love Sonia, directed by Tabrez Noorani and produced by David Womark. It is a story of two sisters and their encounter with international sex trafficking.


Development discussion like these leaves us hopeful. Change is an ongoing process and to keep it going forward, we need the youth to participate in these kind of dialogues. 


We at Patna Diaries, would like the youth to become aware of the happenings in our society and understand where this change is needed.


So, be aware, participate, and bring the change!

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