Transport options in Patna

Nowadays, everyone is busy in their hectic schedule, some are engaged in office, school or college work and making projects or assignments. Just because of all these reasons people are forgetting to enjoy their life.

So, here I’m going to talk about how you can enjoy your city life by traveling from one place to the other, by using different transportation. Good transport service is the lifeline for any city. We can’t imagine our lives without any transport service, otherwise, we have to travel everywhere on foot.

So, let’s talk about the means of transport available in our city Patna. If you come to visit Patna, or else have shifted here recently, then you may find difficulties in reaching from one place to other. Sometimes the transport services are easily available in the daytime but it may be difficult to find one at late night.

The transport options available in Patna can be listed down as:


This transport service can be used when the distance to travel is less or where auto rarely go. It is a three-wheeled pedal driver vehicle on which one or two people can sit.Patna Diaries Transport option

You can find rickshaw at any place in Patna. The price is a little bit higher because of human effort. It may cost you between 70-80 INR for 3-4 km. Suppose you take a rickshaw from Gandhi Maidan to Patna Junction. Then, it will take approximately 80 INR, and the time taken to reach your destination will be 20-25 minutes.


Patna diaries Transport Option

It is a large auto in which approximately 5-6 people. In the three-wheeled auto 3 people can sit with the driver in front, while, 3 people can sit at the back this auto rickshaw. It is called a “Tempo” in the local language. The four-wheeled auto is called“Vikram”. In this 8 people can sit, 3 with the driver, 4 in the middle and 2 at behind.


The city buses are the cheapest of all the transport because it takes half of the price relativPatna diaries Transport Optionely. It has different routes like Patna junction to Gandhi Maidan or Gandhi Maidan to Patliputra and many more. The local buses can be a little congested and suffocating but in newly launched government buses are not like that.


Patna Diaries Transport OptionThis is an eco – friendly transport option that works on battery and is comfortable. If you want to reach from Boring Road to Hartali Moad, then it will charge 5 INR and will take 5-6 minutes to reach your destination. It can be found easily.

So, among all the options available, E-Rickshaw is the most pocket-friendly and cost-effective. It is said that you can enjoy the pure beauty of a city by traveling in the local transport. Thus, go out and explore all these transportation today. 

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