Events of the Month – February

On the last day of the month, we at Patna Diaries would like to do a quick recap of the major events that were held in Bihar. Every day a lot of activities happen in various parts of the state. These events cover all kind of topics. The events that we are going to cover this month are:

1. Patna Literature Fest

Patna witnessed the third Literature Fest conducted in the city. It was a three-day long festival to celebrate the beauty of Patna Diaries-Event of the Monthliterature, art, and cinema from 1st February till 3rd February 2019. Navras School of Performing Arts and Department of Art, Culture, and Youth, Government of Bihar were the organisers of the event. 

Eminent writers and personalities conducted in total around 34 sessions. They had panel discussions on culture, literature, film screenings, environment, art and craft of Bihar and other issues. The event also witnessed launching to various books like, “Patna Ek Khoya Hua Shahar” by Arun Singh, “Thapak Thapkat Dil” and “Main Jab Tak Bahar Aai” by Gagan Gill.Patna diaries - event of the month

It was a treat for all the literature and culture lovers of the city. People could also buy books from book stalls present at the festival. The event saw a very good footfall in Gyan Bhavan, Patna.




2. One Billion Rising Campaign

One billion rising campaign was launched worldwide on 14th February 2012 to take a step to end violence against women. Since it’s inception this event is celebrated everywhere in the world on Valentine’s day. The theme for this PAtna Diaries - Event of The Monthyear’s campaign was “Rise. Resist. Unite.” Our state, Bihar is celebrating this event since 2013. This year, Bihar Vidyapeeth Kurji, Patna hosted this event. 

Around 4000 women from different backgrounds and age groups participated in this event. The event witnessed participation fromPAtna Diarie - Event of the Month school children, college students, and rural area women. The chief guest for the event was Padma Shri Sudha Verghese who is working with Nari Gunjan, a non-profit organization. They help in providing education, vocational training, healthcare and life skills to Dalit girls and women in Bihar. 

The cultural performances included play and song performances. The people who attended the event also signed and pledged on a khadi canvas to show their support towards the cause.

Did you attend any of these events? If yes, then do let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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