Things you can do at Gandhi Ghat

Things you can do on Gandhi Ghat


I am sure if I talk to the youth and tell them that I am going to visit Gandhi Ghat, then they will have no clue about the place I am talking about. Nowadays, it is more popularly known as NIT Ghat, as it is behind National Institute of Technology (NIT), Patna. But, I am an old school person. I have been going to that place even before NIT was NIT. It was Bihar College of Engineering until the year 2004. 


Gandhi Ghat is one of the main ghats in Patna. It is beautifully built with long stairs to go towards the river Ganga. People can sit and relax on the stairs.


Some of the things you can do if you visit Gandhi Ghat:


Boating – MV Kautilya

 things you can do at gandhi ghat-patna diaries

You can take a ride on the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) run cruise-boat service called MV Kautilya. The ticket cost is 100 INR for 1-hour trip. The cruise gives a good view of the Ganga Aarti which is performed on the Gandhi Ghat on weekends. 

People also can book the entire boat for party purpose. The boat can accommodate 30 people at a time.


Eating options – Bhagirathi Vihar


things you can do at gandhi ghat - patna diariesMV Ganga Vihar is the floating restaurant of Patna which is a cruise ship kept on the Gandhi Ghat. It is not operational from last few years though due to technical issues. So, the government launched MV Kautilya as an additional service. 

Bhagirathi Vihar is the restaurant inside the campus of Gandhi Ghat. Apart from that if you are a craving Pataniya, there are various other options like corn, ice-cream, batata puri, bhel puri, samosa, and Chinese items.



Ganga Aarti on weekends 


Ganga Aarti is performed on the Gandhi Ghat similar to the ones performed in Varanasi and Haridwar. A large number of ththings you can do at gandhi ghat-Patna Diariese crowd goes to watch the priest performing the aarti by holding the lamps on weekend evenings. 


I just love sitting and looking at flowing the river. It gives you a perspective. I remember reading a quote somewhere,

Time is like a flowing river. 

The flow that has passed once, will never pass again. 

Thus, we should enjoy every moment of our life.


I would suggest that the next time you are in search of some peace from our city traffic and daily routines, then do visit Gandhi Ghat and enjoy your evening.

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  1. Ali Ashrafi

    I love patna

  2. Dr. Kawaljeet Kaur

    This information will liven evenings of Patna locals and tourists as well

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