Sabhyata Dwar

Sabhyata Dwar


Art By: Tanya Tanesha

Patna has got a new landmark. It’s the Sabhyata Dwar.


Sabhyata Dwar is really magnificent. I was so happy to see such a structure in Patna. The first time when I visited Taj Mahal in Agra as a child, then I was just perplexed by the immensity of the structure. Though the Sabhyata Dwar is certainly not as big as Taj Mahal, but still, when I saw it I had a similar kind of feeling. 


It is also known as Civilisation Gate.



It is a sandstone arch monument built with Mauryan-style archite

cture. On top of the monument, we can find the Lion Capital of Ashoka. This four-sided lion capital is also our national emblem. It has inscriptions on the arch by Megasthenes, Asoka, Buddha, and Mahavira. All these individuals have connections to the ancient Pataliputra.


The structure is 105 feet high and is taller than the Gateway of India, Mumbai and Golghar, Patna.  Bihar Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar inaugurated it on 21 May 2018. It was finally open for the public to visit in the first week of December 2018.


The Civilisation Gate is surrounded by a beautiful garden. On the back side, we can see the river Ganga. The campus is very clean with ample security.


The Sabhyata Dwar is in the same campus as Gyan Bhawan and Bapu Sabhagar. But, it has a separate entrance. You can go inside Sabhyata Dwar from Gate No 1, which is the first gate if you are going to Gandhi Maidan from Rajapul side. There is no entry fee. The visiting hours are from 11 AM to 6 PM.  


Patna Diaries Sabyata dwar

So, before you make a plan to see the Gateway of India in Mumbai or India Gate in Delhi, you should visit Sabhyata Dwar and enjoy the beautiful structure in our own city, Patna. We should also pledge to keep it as clean and beautiful it is now. 


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