Stand With Her

When I say stand with her, I do not mean that women are incapable of standing alone. But, as we say, “You can’t change the world alone”, we do need half of the other population to help us.


We at Patna Diaries, firmly believe that it is men’s responsibility to stand with women and help them achieve their dreams. Currently, the society is patriarchal where men are controlling all the systems of society. We need to walk away from this patriarchy towards equality.


When we talk about Feminism, then we mean equal rights. It does not mean to cast down men to show that they are less superior than women. The main motive is to take this world towards equality between all gender.  This can only be achieved when women know their rights and fight for it. While the men are ready to relinquish their control. 


Having a society based on equality needs contribution from all the genders. And, as currently, we are in a male-dominated society where men have more power; thus, it is the bigger responsibility of men to bring this change. The youth, especially boys need to understand the partiality and gender problems that women face. They need to be more sensitive towards the needs of the women in their life, be it their mothers, sisters or girl-friends.


The change begins at our home. If men in the family start helping women in household work, then that is also a small step towards the change. The household work is not the job of women alone, it needs to be equally shared. 


Normally, children take their mothers for granted so much that we forget that they also have needs and wishes. I remember, when I was a child, I used to always take my mother’s share of chocolate. Until recently, I never even realised that my mother is very fond of chocolates and she used to sacrifice her share for me. Of course, it is an act of love, that mothers do for their children. But, we never except our father’s to give up their share of food for us. So, even from childhood, it is ingrained in our brain, that women are going to sacrifice. Is this correct? Should this continue?


When we grow up looking at the sacrifices that our mother has made for the family, then we automatically assume that the wife should also do the same. And, this cycle continues. We need to stand with her and acknowledge her desires to make her grow. 


So, as the modern age youth, we should take a pledge on this International Women’s Day to break away from the current social norms and walk towards the new society based on equality.