Are we still human enough?

Are we still human enough?

Every time something violent happens in our country, the uproar is huge. And, it should be. We live in a democratic country with freedom of speech, so if something wrong happens, it’s our duty as a human to let the government know that they can not tolerate it.


How human perceive things?

But, apart from this freedom of speech which is used in the democratic way, people start using these opportunities to perceive things differently. And, that is were the problem begins. Everything in India takes a political or religious turn. In such scenario, if you want to speak against the majority, you will be branded by labels like Anti-Nationalist, Stone hearted etc.

I kept thinking about how a certain recent event took religious turn and people of one minority community were targeted again. People of a certain state were abused in various parts of India without any fault of theirs. Why this happens all the time? So, I am trying to explain this from a psychological point of view:



We are social animals and we want to fit in a group. Humans want to conform to the beliefs of a group to fit in. It is a type of social influence where most of the time we just do things without really believing in it.

For example, if an individual thinks that as everyone on social media is talking against something, even I should do the same. He might not research, not get his facts corrected, but just to feel the part of majority, will post it on his Instagram Story, WhatsApp Status, or Facebook feed.

We keep doing this day in and day out, without even realising. For example, everyone watched a movie, so even I will go and watch it, and then participate in the discussion that everyone is having. Because, I don’t want to feel left out!



When we are behaving as a part of a group, then we think that the responsibility of doing anything immoral, illegal and violent is not solely on us. We are working as a group, thus the responsibility has been diffused. So, people tend to do things as a group, that they will never even think of doing alone.

For example, if two people are beating a guy on road for some reason, bystanders might start beating the person too. Because, they feel the responsibility of doing something violent is not entirely on them. This is how crowd mentality works.



Every one is so frustrated these days because of work, studies, home, health, pollution; the list goes on. People have lost their peace of mind and have no human in group with angeroutlet to take all this frustration out. It is said that when we are provoked, then our brain releases certain hormones, which make us experience a surge of energy in our body. Humans feel self-empowered if they give a violent reaction. Thus, getting angry on strangers on the road and on the internet is the easiest escape mechanism in today’s time.

I just hope that one day, we all will be a humanist first and then be of a certain religion. Humanity is loosing it’s hold on us. We are getting carried away without rationalising things. So, before doing any action, be it reacting on Facebook, Instagram or among your friends, please stop for a moment and think as a human.

Hoping the world will be a better place and peace will prevail. Happy living   ?

About Our Guest Author

Priya Nath - Patna Diaries
Priya Nath

Ms Priya Nath is a known face amongst youth of Patna.

She, along with her childhood BFF Sonam, runs a YouTube Channel named Patna Shots. She also the founder of an online learning platform – Pi Gyan India.  Priya, a Computer Application Post Graduate, has keen interest in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s in the same from IGNOU. This article was originally published on her blog – My Psychological Life.

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