PD Marvel of the Month – May

PD Marvels of the Month – May


Another month has come knocking down our door with some new inspirations. This month, we at Patna Diaries are going to feature few entrepreneurs from Bihar who we think are worth appreciating. These people are doing incredible work and making us proud.


So, let us introduce you to the PD Marvels of the Month for May.


Abhishek Singh

pd marvel of the month - may- Abhishek singh

Abhishek Singh has been promoting entrepreneurship in Bihar actively. He is the founder cum Secretary General of Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA). He is working for developing an ecosystem for empowering the youth of all 38 districts of Bihar. It is a not for profit organisation with more than 18,000 members. They also provide free of cost guidance on call for any Business Activity in Bihar. 

He is also the Chief Advisor of Entrepreneurs Association of India. He works with enterprises to give them Pan India coverage. Abhishek’s work is not just limited to India, with the help of IBIC Global (International Business and Innovation Catalyst) nurtures entrepreneurship and help young entrepreneurship to plan and execute their business plans.

Thus, it can be said if we are talking about Entrepreneurship development in Bihar, then Abhishek is one of the most well-known names. 


Sumati Jalan

PD marvel of the month - May - Sumati Jalan

 Sumati Jalan has done her graduation in Mass Communication and Advertising from Patna Women’s College. After that, she went to London and did a course on “how to teach English in a short duration’ from Trinity College. She is successfully working as an English Trainer since 2007. 

Full of confidence and a heart filled with love for the handicraft of Bihar, Sumati has recently started her own venture – Bihart.

Sumati is providing employment and giving a platform to the weavers of Bhagalpur and artisans of Madhubani through Bihart. Every product from saree, bed covers to phone covers and bag have the art of Bihar imprinted on it.

With her tons of experience from all over the world, Sumati is back to her roots and working for the people in Bihar.


Akansha Singh

PD Marvel of the month - May - Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh has done her masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. This girl from Bihar has a keen interest in waste management. She has started her own enterprise – Swayambhu Innovative Solution that is contributing to the growing energy sector in India. 

The main aim of the enterprise to make this world a better place by transforming waste in a useful resource without any exploitation of people or planet. Her team help villages in Bihar to create electricity from Biogas.


She is also the recipient of Women – Business Entrepreneur, USAID award. She is a perfect example of an entrepreneur who wants to give back to society by helping the less privileged people and working to save the Earth. 


Patna Diaries firmly believe that people should be given proper training to make themselves self-sustainable. Do let us know in the comment section if you would like to learn more about entrepreneurship development.

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