Young Generation questioning Patriarchy - Patna Diaries

Kids Questioning Patriarchy – Patna Diaries

Why its “man-made” and not women made?

Do you remember the last time you felt pressurised due to patriarchy? Or when was the last time, you think patriarchy screwed you up?  I guess everyone has faced it!  Patriarchy dates long back in our society. It runs from generation to generation and is instilled in one’s mind from very early childhood.  Just like from the age of 12 it’s very clear for girls how they are different from boys. We see it happen every day in our life.

You can’t deny that patriarchy is a breathing issue in our society. We have always seen people raising their voice against patriarchy. Slogans, posters, rallies, and whatnot. Surprisingly enough raising her voice this time against the system is not a woman or a group but rather a small girl. She’s innocently asking what is wrong with society. Why everything is so men centric in this society. She wonders why everything is man-made’, can’t it be women made? She questions why “all men are created equal”, aren’t women created equal? Why not the book does say everyone is created equal.

Let’s be honest this is not the first time we are hearing these questions. This is also not the first time for a kid to ask these questions. Everyone had encountered such questions but we must have silenced them with “it’s the way the society is, the way it functions”.  But just think for a moment is this the correct way of functioning? Of course “no”. It’s intriguing how a small kid is understanding this parity but not the grownups.

Presently to some extent, things are changing but at a very slow pace. There is still a huge section out there where people believe men are superior but this is not the scenario with the present generation. Today it is one kid, tomorrow another can pop up with the same question. What are you going to make them understand? Personally, the way the kid is questioning everything gives me some satisfaction that the coming generation will not be the same.

The coming generation believes in capability rather than the stereotypical patriarchy. They believe in equality and we need to maintain this. Not for ourselves but for the coming future, so that they can live in a society where their belief exists.