Beautification of Patna

Normally, when we talk about the beautification of the city, then we think of plants, bright street lights, and clean roads. But, now murals are being added to this list. A mural is a technical term for the painting done directly on the wall.


If you have recently crossed All India Radio building in Patna, or gone towards Shri Krishna Puri Park, then I am sure you must have seen young artists painting the walls of various buildings. This initiative has been taken under making Patna, a smart city by Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC)


The beautification of Patna started with the Walk For Bihar project in 2016.

The first mural that they made was the “Walking Fish” in Vidyapati Marg, Patna.

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This government-funded project has created a various public art installation in Patna, Vaishali, Muzaffarpur, East Champaran, and West Champaran. Various artists are working under Manish Tiwary and Abhishek Kumar to put Bihar on the world art map.


The bright colors on the wall also give a social message, like throw litter in the dustbin. I am sure that the paintings will also make people think twice before urinating or spitting on them. 

Patna diaries Wall art patna

Apart from making the walls look good and keeping the city clean, these initiatives are promoting local artists and creating job opportunities for them. 


We, at Patna Diaries, feel happy and proud of all the beautification of our city, Patna. So, what are you waiting for? Go out, take a stroll and enjoy the newly painted walls of the city today. Upload your pictures on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #patnadiaries to get featured.


Let’s appreciate art. 🙂


Also, check out this small video that showcases the murals done in Chajju Bagh area in Patna.  



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6 Thoughts to “Beautification of Patna”

  1. Dr. Kawaljeet Kaur

    Definitely the murals have changed the look of our city. Our city has started looking clean and beautiful, too.
    Well, it is correctly pointed that no more urinating and spitting on adoreably painted boundary walls.
    Railway stations are also decorated beautifully with colorful paintings. Paina Saheb station is one such example.

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