Patna needs a bigger Airport

Patna needs a bigger airport


I was recently flying out of Patna airport. I reached the airport 2 hours before my flight. To my surprise, the queue outside the airport was quite long. After 10 mins they thankfully started another queue. Baggage check and check-in were done in a breeze. The main problem was the security check line.

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For a change, the ladies’ line was at least 5 times longer than the men’s. It is so because we underestimate the number of women traveling these days and have only one woman security checkpoint.


Also, there was only one official who was checking the ticket of both men and women before letting them go for the security check.


At last, I could complete all the check-in formalities after around 1 hour 45 mins. The daredevil people who come 1 hour before the flight takes off should not take such risks if they are traveling from Patna, especially if you have an afternoon flight between 12 to 4 PM.


After reaching Delhi I was ranting in front of my relatives. My relative said that Patna is the most pathetic airport in India among state capitals. Though I myself was ranting till now, at this point I got defensive.

My counter-argument

My counter-argument was that all the other airports are newly constructed airports. Even the old Delhi and Kolkata airport was like this. The present Patna terminal building was built in 1973. The air traffic and passenger flow in Patna are increasing day by day. It is a 24-hour airport now. We desperately need a new airport. The current airport is too small to accommodate the current footfall.


The government has approved the construction of a new domestic terminal building in Patna. The government also plans to build Bihta Airport as a complementary facility to Patna. The approximate completion date for both the projects is around 2021-2022.


So, till then let’s keep calm and have lots of patience while flying out from Patna.

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