The Passionate and Creative people around us

The Passionate and Creative people around us

While scrolling over the internet, we come across several profiles that catch our attention. We at Patna Diaries will like to take some time and appreciate people who’ve been working passionately in creating things – the passionate and creative people around us.

If you are a frequent user of Instagram or Facebookthen I am sure you must have visited these three profiles that we will be covering today. I personally find these people quite inspiring as they have been working on their passion consistently.

The three people that we have chosen are from three respective genres, i.e. Photography; Music & Content writing.

So, without further ado; let us introduce you the PD Marvels of the Month.

Mayank Ojhamayanks.eye

Mayank’s story is quite inspiring. He is a real-life example of the fact that it is never too late, to follow your passion.

Patna Diaries mayank ojha
Mayank Ojha

Mayank, an MBA graduate from the University of Pune, is a happily married man. In general because of life pressures people choose career over their passion. Only a few lucky ones are able to turn their passion into a good career option.

Mayank has not only worked in several fields but has excelled in every one of them. Be establishing his own firm, Instinct; or creating marketing opportunities for companies in Bihar . But, still every time Mayank felt that something was missing. And finally, he realised that it’s Photography.

Mayank was always a photography enthusiast. He has now devoted himself completely into photography and works professionally as a travel, fashion, portrait and wildlife photographer. Be it from a DSLR or smartphone his clicks are amazing.

Shashank Sharmasharmajikabeta__


If you like listening to good music and have been to various musical gatherings happening in Patna, then you must have heard Shashank Sharma singing. He is a fantastic singer and his renditions melodies are worth listening to.

patna diaries shashank

He is equally good in singing old Bollywood songs as well as English compositions.  I love to listen to his version of “Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh”. 

He is an MBA aspirant who will be soon joining his college. He wants to study MBA to understand the corporate side of music and to support his dream of starting a music cafe.

Shashank wants to create his own music and record it. He has been singing at various cafes and events in Patna since the last year. Apart from Patna, he also sings for the Delhi and Kolkatta circle. 

So, if you catch a sweet funny guy with cool casual clothes and a guitar, then it is “Sharma ji ka beta” for you.


Sonam – that_patna_blogger

Patna Diaries Sonam

Sonam, more popularly known as “That Patna Blogger” is the famous blogger from our city. She has over 10 years of experience in web content writing and that comes across from her command on the English language. 

Sonam has done Bachelors in Communicative English and Media Studies from Patna Women’s College. After completing her graduation, she has worked for various companies in Pune and Mumbai. Currently, she stays in Patna and works from home for a Mumbai based company.

Sonam’s blogs are very interesting and easy to read. She is one confident writer who does not need fancy words to prove her metal. 

Her idea behind starting the blog is to let people understand a different side of Patna and Bihar. Through her blogs, she attempts to break the various preconceived notions about our state. 

Sonam is very creative. You can see her creativity in her blogs, her videos, and her camera handling skills. If you scroll through her Instagram handle, then you will find very well framed photos of her dining table and work desk. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not checked their Instagram handles, then go and check it out right now.

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