PD Marvels of the Month – September

We, at Patna Diaries, celebrate people who are doing substantial work for Bihar. We love to call them Marvels of the Month. It is our duty to appreciate others who put so much for hard-work for the betterment for the society. 

If you are a regular on Instagram or Facebook, then I am sure you must have come across these three profiles that we are covering today.

So, let us introduce you to 

PD Marvels of the Month  for September


Reshma Prasad

Our first marvel of the month is Reshma Prasad. Reshma is a very popular face for the LGBT community in Patna. She is working as an activist for the transgender community from the last seven years. She works closely with the Dalit or women’s movements of Bihar to get community support. 

Recently, Reshma successfully organised the Bihar Pride Parade in Patna. She also runs a skill development NGO named Dostana Safar in Kaimur, Bihar. They are working for the transgenders of the state. They also organise events and workshops at frequent intervals to promote the transgender artists in the state.


Kamna Prasad

Kamna Prasad is a well-known name in the literature community. She is the main force behind Jashn-e-Bahar. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Urdu literature. They have been holding international mushairas for the past 18 years now. Urdu poets from countries like China, Japan and the US also are part of these mushairas.

A true artist by heart, in the 1990s Kamna Prasad produced a show on Doordarshan named Kahkashan. It was series about six great masters of modern Urdu and Islamic poetry. She has also authored a book – Celebrating the Best of Urdu Poetry with Khushwant Singh. 



Suman is the creative baker of town. She is successfully running Cook In Style – Jivan Jyoti institute in Patna. The institute’s Facebook page is filled with beautiful and artistic cakes. Her students love her intricate cake decoration tips. 

Suman is continuing the legacy of her mother – Indrajeet Kaur. Indrajeet Kaur used to run Jivan Jyoti institute in the 1990s to help women develop different artistic skills. She later opened a cookery institute in Patna. 

Suman believes that women empowerment will only come through financial independence. She conducts advanced bakery and cake decoration workshops at frequent intervals. They help women to start their own small business from home. 


So, what are you waiting for? If you have not checked their Facebook/Instagram handles, then go and check it out right now. Also, drop-in any suggestions at patnadiaries@gmail.com

Patna Diaries celebrate a few people every month who are doing substantial things in their respective fields. Read the previous articles to know more about the people who have been featured as Marvel of the Month.

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