Understanding Digital Marketing

Gone are the days, when people used to do door-to-door marketing or rely on just advertisements on TV and print media. Majority of people are now on the digital platform thanks to our smartphones. We have seen a drastic shift to digital usage over the last decade in India. The companies cannot just ignore digital marketing anymore. You need to show your presence felt on the internet.


What is digital marketing?

When you promote your brand on the internet and social media platforms, then it is known as digital marketing. It includes having a mobile-friendly website, SEO-optimized blogs, online video content, email marketing, social media visibility and campaigns.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

Target Customers

It is very easy to promote your brand to your target customers on social media. The social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin have enough personal information with them to help brands target their customers on the basis of demography, beliefs and interests.

For example, if you are a boutique in Patna, Facebook can help you reach people who stay in Patna and have an interest in fashion. This was not possible by giving pamphlets in the newspaper or giving an ad on TV, as many non-target customers will also be watching them.

Brand Optimization

Digital media helps in creating a brand image across various platforms on the internet. As we know, if we keep on seeing the same things everywhere, then it will have our attention. So, you spot the same brand’s ad on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google search ads etc, then it will make you inquisitive.

Digital Content

People love watching videos on Facebook, YouTube or even the ones sent to them on WhatsApp. Video marketing is catching up at a fast pace. Brands spend a substantial amount in placing their products strategically in YouTube videos of famous YouTubers. 

People also promote their brand through creatives on Facebook and Instagram. Images and GIFs are attractive to see.  

More Return on Investment

As mentioned above, it is easier to just market your brand among your target audience by using the perfect digital marketing strategy. The amount of money spent on marketing digitally gives you a better audience base, then spending the same amount in a non-digital medium.

Customer Feedback

Brands can connect with customers online. It gives them instant feedback about what is working in their favour and what is not. You can track customers insights and plan your strategy accordingly.

Also, when the customer feels that they are being heard by the brand and their opinion matters, then it will help you gain a loyal customer base.

Big brands are already doing digital marketing on a very large scale. But, it is high time that even small businesses shift their focus on digital marketing. They need proper digital marketing strategies to help them gain visibility in the market. 

Do you think, you as a brand have a good digital presence? Last week we had a small interactive session on Understanding Social Media. Check out, the Facebook Live recording of the session. Please use headphone for audio clarity.

We are also planning to have some full-fledged workshops on digital marketing. We, at Patna Diaries, can help you out. Do send your queries to patnadiaries@gmail.com


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