This Dentist changed my perspective

This Dentist changed my perspective

Greetings Folks. Lemme Narrate you a personal experience where this dentist changed my perspective. And to be honest; I generally don’t change my perspective. But! as it is said, Change is the Key.

It can be referred as dental worry, dental tension, dentist phobia, odonto-phobia, or dento-phobia. All of these imply the same aspect; an excessive worry of visiting the dentist for dental care. In most of the instances, people suffer from dento-phobia because of previous traumatic experience at the dentist.

My story is somewhat same except for the fact that I don’t fear any dental representative.

I have somehow always managed to choose the worst dentist to get my treatment done. When I was in fifth grade, my dentist insisted on tooth extraction instead of RCT. On top of that he ended up extracting two teeth just because he was having difficulty in extracting only the damaged teeth.

It took me seven years to come over that trauma. After that all had was pure rage and hatred towards the whole dentist community, instead of fear of dentists. From my Intermediate to engineering days and finally while working, I have met several dentists, but all have made sure that my perception of dentist as money snatching butchers remains the same.

It would have been continued to remain the same, if I wouldn’t have come across “The Tooth Doctors“. If you are feel that this is a sponsored post, then please stop reading further, as this is definitely not.

On July 2018; during our activity, Speak Up, I was introduced to Dr. Akanksha Abhishek; and I gave the same reply that I’ve been telling every single Dentist I met in my life,

Hello! Not at all glad to meet you!

Before she could have asked, I explained how I have started hating the complete dental fraternity and have no plans to change that as I’ve given them several chances.

But! Life has its own way of working. Soon I had some dental problem and it genuinely needed a dental care. I thought of giving THE TOOTHS DOCTORS a try. There I met this young professional who knows his work in a detailed way; namely Dr. Parakh Sinha.

Patna_Diaries_TheToothDoctorsWhile he was examining the condition, he added that work done prior are not clean and very weak; and I replied that “Tell me something I don’t know.

Before any further procedures, he asked me to get some X ray from a place in Boring road. The Tooth Doctors is situated in RPS More, Bailey Road and the X ray unit this young doctor referred was in Boring Road.

I took the prescription and mumbled to myself, “The butchering has started.”

The very next day I went to the unit where I was referred and handed the prescription.
The person there charged me 1200/- INR. I smiled and paid the amount. It amused me because earlier I have paid 1000/- INR for the very same test at very same store.Parakh_Sinha_Patna_Diaries

After the test was done, the same guy handed me the test result along with 300/- INR and without even waiting for my query he answered,

Ye 300 referral commission hai; doctor sahib ka condition hai ki ye commission humlog patient ko hi de de. (This is the referral commission. It is the doctor’s condition that we give the commission amount back to the patient only)

I was in complete shock with gesture and honesty from both the parties.
This very incident made me realise how wrong I was.
All courtesy to this young and charming dentist – DR. PARAKH SINHA


This dentist changed my perspective!!!


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5 Thoughts to “This Dentist changed my perspective”

  1. Zishaan

    Tell me what happened after X-Ray
    Money ? Received perspective changed ?

  2. Rakesh Bihari Lall

    It is really a matter of pride that we have among us a dentist who is honest to his profession and to his patients also. It is really a true service to patients who are in dire need of quality treatment at affordable cost. Congratulations to you for introducing him to the patients.

  3. As a Matter of fact, the proceedings are also one of the reason, that made me rethink on my perspective. This Young fellow have very precise hand. utmost dedication and delicate approach.
    The money part was actually a starter that made me continue the process…

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