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Art is a form of expression and we often see people expressing themselves through various forms of art.

One of the art forms we are currently witnessing in our city is paintings and crafts. Earlier we hardly use to encounter any of such events in the city but with the youth coming forward with such talents we can see the changes in the trends of our city.  Recently I went to an art exhibition in Pepperfry studio, Patliputra which was pretty cool and inspiring in its own way. 
Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries
This was the Julian calendar art exhibition” which was organized by one of the most renowned artists of Patna Ankita Monet (Ankita raj). The fact behind the name of the exhibition is that about 2000 years ago leap year was first introduced by roman general Julius caesar and as we know that 2020 is a leap year so this event was a remark to celebrate the day 29th of February in the name “our mother earth and nature” and hence, the event was named Julian calendar art exhibition.

The concept behind this exhibition was the extinction of birds from our environment.

We know that “sparrow is our state bird “, but we hardly see them now as we used to earlier. 
There were paintings from all the age of artists be it a national award-winning art or be it an 8th-grade student’s art. Art is not just about expressing our feelings but about what we feel and see around us. 
Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries
Julian calendar art exhibition was not just about paintings, art comes in various form and one of them is photography. A photograph is a still image yet it speaks a million words. So in this exhibition, I witnessed amazing photography by Kumar Gautam and one of our senior photographer Mazhar Ellahi from Arts and craft college, Patna. Some of his photographs were Nationally awarded, there were also paintings of him exhibited in the event.

As we all have heard since our childhood that Nature is one of the most beautiful gifts of god.

But now with global climate change and so much damage to our environment, we have destroyed a lot of things in our environment. But it feels good when youngsters took a step forward towards a change. The most unique thing about the event was it was solely based on waste management.
There were paintings on the waste paper, waste piece of clothes, waste pieces of wood and much more.
Julian Art Exhibition | Patna Diaries

There was also origami made up of newspaper and waste pieces of clothes and bird feeders made up of waste plastic bottles which were adding more beauty to the event. Students from various institutions took part in this event, I personally feel that this will form a hub of creative minds and provide a platform to them in the coming time. Julian calendar art exhibition was one such platform that helped artists boost their enthusiasm and give them away to move forward. 

We at Patna Diaries belive that Activities like this can actually make an impact on society in a productive way. Do let us know if you like this article. Feel free to write to us at patnadiaries@gmail.com. We are always happy to listen.