Sex Education! The need of the hour

Sex Education! The need of the hour

Sex education! The need of the hour. Recently, I’ve been invited to a discussion on porn ban, by one of the leading newspapers of the town. Due to some prior commitments, I was not able to join the discussion. Though I don’t agree with the concept of the porn ban. As it is completely missing, sex education! The need of the hour.

I appreciate the effort from the team to take such a bold initiative. As in today’s era where our societal structure has made the word SEX a  taboo. Taking abut porn and their implication is a brave action.

While we are discussing porn. We should question ourselves why youth are turning towards porn. I specifically remember the discomfort of my biology teacher while teaching the reproductive system.

We are brought up in such a society where sanitary pads and condoms are still being given to the user in a cover.

The only little information given to us about sex is by the internet, and unfortunately, the content which is available, in abundance, is PORN.

Instead of concentrating on banning porn, we should channelize ourselves more on sex education.

Sex Education! The need of the hour

Sex Education! The need of the hour.

If you ask any teenager a simple definition of the word puberty. What do you think will her/his answer will be??

The majority of teenagers and even youths do not have the slightest idea of exact definition.

It is simple psychology, that if you are being told not to do a particular thing, your immediate instinct will ask the question, why??
And, when this “WHY” don’t get an answer, then we end up doing the same thing.

This is exactly the case with sex. Since the knowledge of sex is not at all available anywhere. Also, if we ask someone, they immediately start judging us. The result, we end up in porn.

There has some major development in our society regarding this.

Both these decisions have been appreciated by the masses. But the key thing is still missing.

Our education system is still flawed. We are still afraid to talk about Sex.

Porn ban, Live-in relationships, LGBT, these are the next steps. What we are missing is basic. A proper sex education. There are plenty of data of abortion, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease.

Most teenagers and youths don’t even know the proper precautions.

I agree sex education is a touchy topic, even more so in India where even the phrase intercourse is considered to be taboo, not to mention discussing subjects associated with intercourse and reproductive health. This is probably the most ironic and hypocritical situation in a rustic country like India, which has the very best fertility rate and reproductive rate globally, yet it shies far from discussing what is probably the most important hurdle towards financial and social improvement- causes of overpopulation and own family making plans.

Thus, we, at Patna Diaries, hope that school authorities and parents will be more particular about sex education in the coming years.

Where did you get your sex education from? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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