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Fake News- A Modern Crisis

Coronavirus has sparked panic all over the world with countries going into lockdown and quarantine. In this situation, the most common form of entertainment for the human population consists of using social media platforms. Where people are practicing the art of social distancing.

Fake News - Corona Virus

With the increase of users on digital platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. There has been a massive surge of fake news circulating in these platforms to induce panic.

The spread of diseases or any epidemic has always sparked fear and panic amongst the population. In this era of technology, this panic is getting multiplied by the easy spread of misinformation and rumors. Which is successfully wreaking havoc in the community. These messages may contain useless, incorrect or even harmful information and advice.

Role of Social Media

With social distancing becoming increasingly important to curb the ongoing pandemic. It has become the most accessible and fastest source of networking and getting information.

Social media has become a very important aspect of being socially connected with each other in these difficult times. Social media is not only us seeking solace from one another. But! is also playing a very important role in spreading information, whether it is the truth or fake news and rumors.FAke News - Role of Social Media - Patna Diaries

How to identify Fake News?

Fake news spreads faster and more easily today through the internet, social media and instant messaging. It usually tends to have information that catches the interest of the reader. It can be surprising, upsetting or projected in such a way that it triggers strong emotions from the reader.

Fake news spreads faster and more easily than the virus, and is just as dangerous. Home remedies to tackle the virus, avoiding certain foods like chicken and eggs, fake messages, conspiracy theories designed to catch the interest of the readers as well as make them perceive that as the truth are some common examples of fake messages that are being circulated in these difficult times.Fake News - How to identify - Patna Diaries

How can You help in curbing this crisis?

Whenever you get a forwarded message on any of your social media, make sure to double-check the information with a trusted source.

Please make sure that you are not forwarding messages without checking their credibility as there are people who might blindly forward that same message to a large number of people which may serve as a catalyst for the speedy spread of this false information.

Help educate the ignorant people about the importance of spreading the correct information and help them be aware of the dangers of spreading fake news and rumors.

If possible, report the sources who are misinforming and spreading fake news to the authorities so that proper measures can be taken against them.

We at Patna Diaries Wishes you a safe and healthy lifestyle, If you too have come over some fake news, please share your experience also please tell us how else we can counter this fake news.







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