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Now and Then – Greenery in Patna


We all know that plantation helps in purifying the air, conserving water and soil. It also helps in climate control. But, do you know, plants can also make you happy? A person feels at ease around plants as they help in reducing stress. 


So, where is our city Patna in greenery index? I remember when I was a child a few friends of my parents visited Patna for the first time and the thing that impressed them most of the amount of greenery on Patna roads. But, sadly, over the decade I have seen patches of trees being cut from various areas to make a spot for parking of cars. 


Remember those times, when the building of Mount Carmel School and Patna Women’s College was completely masked by the trees outside the boundary.


People couldn’t see inside the campus because of huge trees. Now, there are hardly any trees and it is a parking space for buses.


Have you recently travelled towards Harding road? All the trees have been cut and buildings have been demolished for some development plan. Development is good. I am not saying we should live in a stagnant world. But, if you are cutting one tree, where is the replacement?


Mumbai is such a huge city, with so much of population and pollution. But still, it doesn’t come in the unhealthy air zone. Mumbai has a huge huge chunk of land in Aarey Colony, which has been left untouched. They call it the green lungs of Mumbai. They have Sanjay Gandhi National Park amidst the city.


In Hyderabad,  I have seen trees being plucked from one spot and replanted to different spots in the city to maintain the ecological balance.



Are we doing anything like that in Patna? Check your weather app on phone, Patna always has unhealthy air quality. In ancient times, Patna was also called Kusumpur and Pushapur – the city of flowers. We need to keep this in mind while making plans for development and building flyovers in our city.


We, at Patna Diaries, would like to request everyone to do your bit. Have some plants in your balcony. Contribute to Green Patna!


Send us the pictures of plants in your house and we will post them on our Instagram stories. Our Instagram handle is @patnadiaries.


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