Is Patna clean now?

Is Patna getting cleaner?

From last October, I personally feel that Patna has become cleaner. At first, I thought it was because of the annual cleaning that is done during Diwali and then the spec and span Patna that we see every year during Chhath. But, now it has been a long time to that and still, I see a cleaner Patna around me. What can be the reasons?


Plastic bags have been banned

Plastics used to choke various drainage outlets in the city. They contributed to a huge part of non-degradable garbage. But, plastic has been successfully banned in the city. People have turned to alternatives

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Door to door garbage collection truck 

I am sure, now you must be accustomed to the “tune of Patna” that PMC plays on the vehicles carrying out the trash collection programme. The residents need to come out of their houses and submit their garbage to the PMC vehicle. These vehicles then unload the garbage to the dumping points at Agamkuan and near the stadium at Gardanibagh.


Overflowing garbage bins have been removed

Do you remember those garbage bins that had more garbage around them, instead of in them? They were the main source of foul smell in the city. You will not find these overflowing garbage bins creating visual and air pollution anymore. Everyone should now give their garbage to the door to door garbage collection truck.


Wall paintings

You can find the walls of Patna full of meaningful paintings now. Each painting is connected somehow to the surrounding or the building it encloses. It is a very nice initiative. 

I agree some people still urinate on the beautiful walls that artists have so tirelessly. But, the frequency of people urinating on random walls has decreased for sure. 

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People are also getting more aware of the benefits of keeping the surrounding clean. Schools educate their students about environmental issues from kindergarten. I have seen kids, telling their parents, not to throw garbage on road. The children are more keen on being a responsible citizen of the world. So, the future is definitely good. Whatever harm we have done to the earth till now, we can still pledge to contribute to clean Patna from now onwards.


Do you agree that Patna has become cleaner? Have I missed any points? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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