Patna Doesn’t Like Pedestrians

It looks like the new developing Patna has been treating pedestrians like Dalits. In the fast pace growing lifestyle of Patna, we see numerous new public centres, like cafes, parks, malls, and shopping arcades. New traffic rules and road development all over the capital support these amenities. But, we are deliberately ignoring the amenities and services that the pedestrians of our town genuinely need.

Status of pedestrians of Patna

Here are a few points of ignorance that we, public, and the government; are doing:

Bus Stops

Government development plans have been failing to see the basic necessity of pedestrians. Despite several bus-stops, the government has failed to make city bus drivers (both government & private) abide by the norm of stopping buses only at the bus stops.

Zebra Crossing

We all have created a habit to turn blind to every black and white strip on road, called zebra crossing. No vehicles consider zebra crossing worth stopping.


Firstly, there aren’t many functioning footpaths in the city. Either they are damaged or taken. Else they just don’t exist. Even then whatever few footpaths are left has been taken over as parking and biker’s lane.

Auto stands

Either government has miscalculated the ratio of autos and the number of auto stands. Or, government officials are too busy with the pending files on their desks.

Parked autos in key areas of the city occupy a major portion of the road. They just don’t create traffic jams, but also endangers the pedestrians by picking and dropping them mid-road.

Foot over bridge

Patna currently has only one foot over bridge near Patna Women’s College. Apart from this foot over-bridge, I think the government is waiting for a certain number of accidents, near-death experiences, or death. Once this parameter is fulfilled only then the government might consider pedestrian’s need.


The cleanliness of public transport is too visible. Still, they are the major means of commute. The terror of pickpockets amongst them is a major concern. Apart from stealing issues, molestation of girls and women happens every now and then, in the alibi of the crowd.


The pedestrians of Patna are not struggling with the above-mentioned difficulties. They are also facing the rude behaviors of bikers, car owners, bus drivers and auto drivers.

We, at Patna Diaries, humbly request you all to please show some empathy to pedestrians around us. These pedestrians are no one else but our own family members. They can be our siblings and kids going to schoolsour spouse roaming in marketsour parents near parks or our friends in café and restaurants.  

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