Ye Diwali Apni Wali | Message from #CleanPatnaDrive

Ye Diwali Apni Wali | Message from #CleanPatnaDrive

Diwali is here! It’s the festival of lights. I love the way our city is decorated during Diwali. Everyone cleans their houses, painting is done, the house is decked up with lights. Things do look fresh and clean.

So, we can say that Diwali is the festival of cleanliness 🙂

We just want you to extend the cleanliness of your house to the whole city and continue doing so even after Diwali is over.
But, along with that Diwali is also equivalent to bursting fire crackers.

This Diwali we urge you to keep our city pollution-free.


In the last month, we have seen the consequences of pollution.

Thus, we need to celebrate and enjoy Diwali more sensibly and responsibly.
We, at Patna Diaries, want to urge everyone to show some love to themselves.

Be pleasant to your senses. Think about your health. Think about positivity. And, think about eco-friendly Diwali 🙂

Let’s treat our eyes with the beauty of diyas and rangoli.

Let’s please our nose with the aroma and fragrance of foods. Enjoy the Diwali delicacies; the sweets and the flowers. And let’s gift our ears the sound of beautiful laughter and joy.

Enjoy with your friends and family. Have a noiseless, pollution less and plastic less Diwali.
Patna Diaries wishes you a very Happy Diwali. May you enjoy your Diwali to its fullest.


Our team for Clean Patna Drive has also drafted a Video message for a responsible and safe Diwali:

ये दिवाली अपनी वाली 🙂
Ye Diwali Apni Wali

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