Things you can do to enjoy Holi without hurdang

The season of colors is here – Spring season. It brings color in the nature and then we have Holi the great festival of colors. The celebration takes place every year on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalgun.

It is the festival of love where people forget their problems and misery.  It celebrates the victory of good over evil, good harvest, and mending broken relationship. People embrace each other with a hug forgoing any anonymity.

Normally in the morning, people play with wet colors and in evening they meet their relatives, friends and neighbor to wish them “Happy Holi” with gulal. A lot of special cuisines are also made such as custard, pua, dahi vada and pedakiya.

Between all this love and happiness, there is sometimes a fear of hurdang in Holi which forces us to be indoors during day time. We at Patna Diaries, would like everyone to enjoy Holi at it’s fullest, but pay attention on a few things, so that we all can enjoy Holi peacefully without doing any hurdung. 🙂

Some of the tips are:

Don’t play loud music 

We should keep in mind that we don’t play music on loudspeaker on this day. A lot of people can get disturbed. Board exams are going on, and it is not necessary that everyone is celebrating Holi. Even small children and old people in the house face problems because of loud music. So, let’s enjoy and dance with music on low volume.

Avoid using dark and strong color

Avoid dark and strong colors that are hard to remove and can cause harm to your skin. Let’s use organic and herbal colors.

Don’t be obscene

Often people get too excited while playing Holi and start tearing clothes or throwing water balloons with great force on each other. It can be fun for some people but can also cause injury. Thus, we should not be obscene and play gently.

Avoid consumption of too many intoxicants 

Though thandai is the drink for Holi, we should take it in moderation. Even cheap colors have some exhilaration components. So, we must be careful while playing Holi.

Be happy, be merry, be responsible and be colorful 🙂

Patna Diaries wishes you a very happy Holi.

Written by Shambhavi, Edited by Amaya