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“NA JANE KYU?” | Local Artist Making Big

Patna: The screening of the music video “ Na jane kyu” by Siddhant Setu and Stitching Frames Entertainment took place on 24th January, Sunday in Work Studio, Coworking, Kankarbagh. Siddhant’s source of making the song is through crowdfunding. The recent track has been developed and recorded at Kochi.

“ I am thankful to such people who have helped me through crowdfunding. And would also like to thank my friends, mentor Romil Sinha, Abhinav Jha ( director of the song), Alok Kumar. I have always wanted to work with Abhinav Jha and it’s my privilege that I got this opportunity. We have a couple of more songs that we will be releasing over time and right now we are constantly working on those songs. And at last, thank you to all those people who joined us today and turned this event more successful”, said Siddhant Setu.

na jane kyun? | Patna Diaries

Director of songs like “Sunrise Calling” and “The Big Shot”, Mr. Abhinav Sinha stated,

“I liked the song at the first go itself and decided about the making of video with siddhant. We talked about the concept and decided to shoot the entire video in Bihar itself. I personally think we are capable of making good stuff here as well. Bihar itself has many talented artists, we just need to support and boost their morale.”

When questioned about his upcoming video, he said :

“ There are few more music videos to make this year and a feature film “ Tridev” as well.”

“Na Jane Kyun ?” is Sidhant’s second release. Which is now available on all the major streaming platforms.
Audio Credits:
Singer / Songwriter: Sidhant Setu
Lyrics: Sidhant Setu
Additional lyrics: Vivek Tripathi
Guitars: Achyuth Jaigopal
Bass: Stephen Cherian Mathison
Additional vocals: Sudeep Kamat
Backing vocals: Sangeet Raj Saroj Kumar
Music Productions: Romil Sinha & Palee Francis
Programmed & Arranged: Palee Francis
Mixed & Mastered: Romil Sinha
Recorded at Vivek Thomas Production Additional recording at Ferris Wheel Studios, Dave Mathew studio & Civil Rage Studio, Patna ( Pvs Shek )
Video Credits: Stitching Frames Entertainment
Concept cinematography editing direction: Abhinav Jha
Asst. Director/photographer: Vijay Munda
Production and camera asst. Nitish Kumar, Roshan Patel
Colour Correction: Mritunjay Sharma
You can find Sidhant here:

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