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How can we support local business

How can we support local business

Local businesses are considered to be the backbone of the economy. These businesses are somewhat small but help the local economy by employing a lot of people. We can say that local business works as an engine for a nation’s economy. We are well aware of the current situation and the condition of our economy amid lockdown.

Small businesses have a small reach and generally cater to the locals only.  Which means their profit and income is also confined to their surrounding or very small proximity. Probably to the people whom they might know personally unlike large scale businesses. The fact that small businesses are the major suppliers of the raw materials to large scale industries and play a  crucial role in the production goes unrecognized.

Let’s just take an example of our city Patna where local businesses were dependent on the people around them but because of the lockdown, these people were facing a loss on all the fronts. The thing that strikes me the most is that these businesses not just only support the economy but also bring innovation and new ideas.

Nowadays it is very common that we order things online and get the product delivered to our doorsteps. We hit the “BUY” button without even thinking for once that we can get the very same product in the shop next to our house.  In my sense now that everything is going digital we should think just for once that how much more loss will these local businesses will go through. We as an individual can take a few steps that might help these businesses gain some profit and will help them cope in the current scenario.

  1. Shout outs – Post a story on your social media handle. In the current scenario, social media is the best place to make people aware of anything and everything. We all hold an Instagram or Facebook account with probably a considerable amount of followers and friends. Social media shout outs are free and we often give shout outs to an aesthetic profile or our friend’s youtube channel so why not a local business. This might be a very small thing for you but can make a considerable difference in their profits. A story with details of the shop and their service that’s all and in a way you can also help people who might be finding the same service.  
  2. Buy Online – Avoid buying products online. I know that buying products online is very easy and everything is just one click away but your one click can make a large difference. We often purchase stuff online that buying them locally even the smallest and most common stuff with sometimes extra delivery cost. So next time you are ordering something online think before you hit that “ORDER NOW” or “BUY” BUTTON.
  3. VOLUNTEER – Volunteer your service and help them reach out to people. We all are involved in some kind of service and have connections. These are the times when we can make benefits through your contacts and service.


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