How to Apply for Voter Id Card

Lok Sabha Election 2019 is scheduled for the month of April-May. It is our chance to elect the authorities who will run our country for the next 5 years. But, to vote and exercise the right given to us by the Indian constitution, it is necessary to have a voter identification card.

Every Indian citizen above the age of 18 years can have their own voter identity/election card/voter ID/ election card. It not only helps us to participate in the democratic procedure of choosing our own candidate to run the country. In addition, it also serves as valid identification proof for a lot of activities like applying for a loan or for buying a house.

Normally, people delay applying for voter id card thinking it’s a very lengthy and complex process. However, the Election Commission of India has now made it less complicated. One could apply for a voter’s card from the comfort of their home.

How To Apply for a Voter ID Card?

The online process for Voter ID Card is quite simple and easy. You don’t have to be an internet expert to do so. For your ease, before applying for the Voter ID Card make sure you have following scanned documents with you. How to Apply Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries

Now! Since you have these documents, let us start applying for your Voter Id Card.

Visit the National Voters’ Service Portal for voter registration ( WWW.NVSP.IN )


First time voter will need to click on the link of the FORM 6
If you’re an NRI voter , then you need to fill the FORM 6A
And if you need to update any information such as your  name, photo, age, EPIC Number,  Address, Date of Birth in your existing Voter ID card, then  please fill the FORM 8
Let us take you to the step by step process of “How to apply for a new Voter Id Card?”
  • Once you’ll visit, then please click on Form 6
    • The Form 6 will open in new tab. You can choose your preferred language as Hindi or English as per your convenience.
    • Start filling the form.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries How to Apply for Voter Id Card - Patna Diaries

Please note, if you are a first time voter, and your age is above 21 years, then you will need to fill age declaration form, which you can download from Form 6 itself.  Take a print of this form, sign it and then scan it to upload.

We at Patna Diaries, hope that this General election you will exercise your voting rights. Voting is not just your right, but it is also your moral duty. Patna Diaries also extend their deepest gratitude to team Patna Shots for making the video on the same and making everyone aware of how easy it is to make a Voter ID Card. If you find any issue on how to fill the form, do watch the following video by Patna Shots.