New Year, New Beginnings

 New Year, New Beginnings


 The new year begins with a lot of hope. If you write diaries, then I am sure you at some point of your life must have felt that maybe we can just end the last year’s diary by forgetting all about it. And, start the new year with a brand new diary. New Year, New Beginnings and a positive outlook. 


We, at Patna Diaries, wish you a very happy New Year. 


Let’s start the year by remembering the happy past. And! How we are celebrating New Year at present in the city?


A decade ago, new year’s eve was celebrated indoors. On rooftops with the bonfire. Making litti-chokha and chicken with loved ones. The heat from the bonfire used to keep us warm. While we were tucked in warm clothes. And enjoy the cold foggy 31st December night. 


1st January was mostly celebrated in Patna Zoo (Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan).


Family used to have a picnic in the rose garden inside the zoo. The atmosphere was filled with conversations and laughter.


Today the young Patna is celebrating 2019 with a different approach. Now you can find them listening and dancing our own local music bands. Even though! Patna is a dry state. The spirit on this night is high and people enjoy to their fullest. 


It’s not just about partying amongst themselves. We can also find the youth Celebrating First January with marginalized group’s children. Courtesy to various active NGOs. 


So, the new Patna is not just all about fun. They are also socially aware and active. With such a good future to look ahead, we certainly are going to have a very good 2019.


Happy New Year once again! Enjoy your day. 🙂

New Year New Begining Patna Diaries


Also, share your views on how you would like to celebrate. we at Patna Diaries look forward to a good time.


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3 Thoughts to “New Year, New Beginnings”

  1. Dr. Kawaljeet Kaur

    Happy new year ?
    Thanks for sharing the humane and social face of Patna.

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