Patna Rains: Unanswered Questions

Sadly, every year North Bihar witnesses flood. This year central Bihar was also flooded. But, what we saw on social media with the hashtag #PatnaFloods was not flood. According to the dictionary, “flood is an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits”. In the last week of September, the non-stop Patna rains caused water-logging in all major areas of the city. This water-logging was the result of a complete drainage failure.

The story of Patna rains this year

Every year, during the monsoon season, we see the water getting clogged on the roads of the city. It is a common sight, even in Mumbai. But, this water is drained out in maximum a day. And, life goes back to normal. What we experienced this year was so unexpected that no one was prepared for it.

It rained for 3 days non-stop and as a result, Patna was submerged in 8-5 feet deep water everywhere. And, this water continued to be there even after it stopped raining. There was no way for the water to flow out.

The government had a very indifferent attitude towards this whole situation. The CM was saying, it’s a natural calamity and we can’t do anything. Ok, agreed! Rains are a natural calamity and you can not stop it. But, what about trying to get rid of the water? The government could have been more efficient in doing that. The deputy chief minister got himself rescued from his house in all this. It was full of chaos. Thousands of people were stranded in their own house with no drinking water, electricity and food.


Several NGOs, organisations, students and individuals came out to help others.

Because the rate in which the government was responding to things was too slow. Why the citizens had to come out to save fellow citizens? Why in all this the government remained a mute spectator?

We give so much of our hard-earned money as income tax. Where is that money used? Will this again happen next year? Will Patna be again submerged in this rainwater causing several water borne diseases?

My major concern is why was the drainage system clogged so badly? What is the PMC doing while playing all the “gaddi wala aaya, ghar se khachra nikal” music? Why is the kachra clogging the drainage?

Yes, the citizens also need to be aware.

They need to understand the importance of not using plastic. They need to throw garbage in trash cans. Citizens need to be aware of segregating wet and dry waste! But, is the government again doing anything to spread this awareness?

Too many questions remain unanswered. Hopefully, before the Bihar Election, the politicians will come up with answers and excuses so that they can get the vote!

P.S. I am a non-party person. Not inclined towards any political party we have currently. All my questions are for anyone and everyone who is involved in all this bureaucracy and administration. Do let us know your opinion by commenting below. I will love to know your views.

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