Valentine and Youth of Patna

Valentine week and youth of Patna

Valentine is all about love and spreading love. Love is in the air during the valentine weeks. Valentine’s Day is a  significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romantic love in many places in the world. It is the best time to show your love towards your loved ones. The youth of Patna is very excited for Valentine’s week. Here are some details of Valentine week and Youth of Patna  

The Valentine week  starts from 7th February to 14th February.

February is considered to be the month of loverose day patna diaries, emotion and affection. The  week starts with Rose Day. People give roses to others according to the emotions they have towards them. It can be love, friendship, care or anger.

Then comes Propose Day. It is the day to express your feelings to your mate. Next is Chocolate Day in which we start a sweet journey by giving each other chocolates. Teddy Day is the day to tell special someone, how they make you smile and make you feel giddy just like a teddy.

Then comes Hug Day and Kiss Day, the days to reflect the honestpatna diariesy, intimacy and integrity of the relationship. At times, when nothing goes well, a kiss and a hug are all you need to stay motivated and let your loved one know that you trust them. 

Valentine day, finally the day comes when lovers show their love to each other. This can be done by giving flowers, chocolate, valentine’s cards or a nice gift. Love notes can also be given to each other. In the era of technology, there are many new ways to surprise your loved ones.


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Valentine is very popular among the youth; they celebrate the entire day with their love mate. It is not compulsory that valentine is only for boyfriend and girlfriend; it is a day of love. So , it can be your family member, your pet or anyone to whom you want to show your love. A lot of youth are starting the trend to celebrate this day with poor children. It is the best way to celebrate this occasion; by spreading a smile.

So, don’t hesitate, do let your loved ones how special they are. Also, let us know how you celebrated your valentine week in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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