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Parks in Patna 


Need to look at “Now and Then”


Most of the time, we keep complaining about the problems in our life. It is human tendency to pay attention to the bad things in our life. The other day, my mother pointed out, when your scooty is covered with dust you come and complain. But, when it gets cleaned you don’t even look at it. That is exactly how we perceive our society also. We keep complaining about the drawbacks, but never take a step back and look at the positives.


I thought of starting a new series of articles every month where, we at Patna Diaries, are going to talk about the development of our city over the past decade. In today’s time when we have become so health conscious, so why not start with the parks in the city. 🙂


Parks in the city 




Do you remember how Patna was 10 years back? Well, when I was a kid, the only place where we used to go to play was our terrace or maybe to the zoo on special occasions.Eco Park : Patna Diaries Source: Tripadvisor


We always had a park near our house. The boys in my area used to go there to play cricket. But, I hardly went there. I even remember being told not to roam around the park after sunset. That was the condition of the parks in Patna a decade back.




But, now things have drastically changed. Every locality has a well-equipped park. I can name some parks where I would love to go and sit. And, I am sure that I have not explored it all. The Eco Park (Rajdhani Vatika) is so huge. It is the green belt of our city. You can enjoy the nature, look at ducks and do some boating.


Urja Park: Patna DiariesThen, there is Energy Park (Urja Park) with trampoline, a children’s corner, skating area, boating place. On weekends you can spot students with guitar playing music and onlookers enjoying it all amidst nature.

The Shri Krishna Puri Children’s Park is the favorite among morning walkers. At 5 AM also, you can find so many people so active, that it gives immense motivation to others. Senior citizens exercising in the open gym area gives you hope, that you can stay healthy if you really want to. 


I feel so happy with these editions in our cityscape. So, let’s get out, go for a morning stroll and cherish the parks in our city. Be healthy. Be fit. 


What else do you think has changed positively in our city over time? Do let us know in the comment below. 

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  1. Dr. Kawaljeet Kaur

    Nice point to ponder upon “Then and Now”.
    I like the idea ?

  2. Lalit Kumar


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