How is Honking affecting us?

How is honking affecting us?


I reside on the main road in our city, Patna. It used to be a residential area but now has turned into a commercial one with schools and eateries around. You know the thing that I miss the most? Opening my bedroom window.


I miss the old good days. While in school, I once wrote an essay about “What is outside my window?”. I wrote about the gulmohar tree and the calmness that it provides me. I wonder what my kid will write if he gets the same assignment.


I am the kind of person who likes open windows to get some fresh air. But, now I am forced to keep it shut all the time because the moment I open it, my room is filled with noise! The noise of the horns from the vehicles on the road. 


There is so much noise pollution in our city, or in any city for that matter. People just honk for no reason at all at times. Even on empty roads, or at a traffic signal with a red light. Now, when people can’t move and stuck in traffic, the honking will only add to the chaos. It is also a part of the road rage we can see on the city streets.


I travel in my car with windows on, just because I want to keep my sanity. The windows let me escape from the honking noise outside a little. Maybe I have a little extra sensitive pair of ears. But, just think how this noise pollution must be affecting small children, old people with hearing aids (which amplifies even the slightest of noise) and pets.


We, at Patna Diaries, would like you to take some step in this direction. I once actually tried coming from my friend’s house to mine without honking once. And, believe me, I still reached my home 🙂 So, you also make a conscious effort, to use the horn lesser. If we all believe in the harm it is causing to our mental peace, then I am sure we can bring the change.


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