PD Marvel of the month – October

PD Marvel of the month – October

It has been a long time, since I pen down my thoughts. Long list of new projects, pending works and added on unannounced flood like situation in Patna. Courtesy to incompetency of Bihar Government and Patna Municipal Corporation, people in Patna experienced the unimaginable drainage failure. Well, I’ll be surely putting down my thorough thoughts on this, But! some other time. Today is the time to Celebrate the PD Marvel of the month.

Before we introduce you to our marvels, Team Patna Diaries wishes you all a very proud and happy International Day of Girl Child. This is the one of the reasons, that I prefer to write this month’s Marvel personally.

Our marvels of this month are the real warriors. They are the carrier of love, empathy, power and justice. They are the torch bearer of new nation. They simply show the world, true meaning of Girl Power.

In the time of self obsessed and self love society, our marvel taught everyone around the joy of selflessness. PD Marvel of the month is giving tribute to women power

Neda ali from Patna Food Meter

it has been too much of suspense, let us reveal the PD Marvel of the month for October.

Neda Ali

If you are a food lover, we are pretty sure that you have came across Neda’s Food Blogging profile named Patna Food Meter. This young talented grad student from PWC is too proficient when it comes to food reviewing. She has reviewed more that 60 leading food joints of Patna. You can also read her review on iNext weekly. During water logging in Patna, Neda was one of the brave hearts who not just came for rescue and relief, but she also came out of her comfort zone and helped people in neck deep water. Not once, or twice or thrice, but for whole week, Neda was available from morning till evening to help the people in distress.

Neda Ali during relief and rescue work
Neda Ali during relief and rescue work

Sushmita Goswami

Sushmita Goswami, Program Officer - Oxfam India


A social worker by profession and lovely human being by heart. Sushmita is complete package of determination and will. During our #CleanPatnaDrive ; we saw youth getting tired and taking breaks. While, Sushmita was completely in charge and ready to go another round. Her enthusiasm and zeal to help can actual force a narcissist to think about others. Sushmita is currently the Program Officer of Gender Justice Department in Oxfam India. But, she has been actively helping people even in slums and affected people of Punpun throughout the disaster.


Patna Dairies Clean Patna Drive
Sushmita during the Clean Patna Drive

Pria & Sonam
Priya nath & Sonam from Patna Shots

Childhood friends, turned lifestyle vlogger, Priya Nath and Sonam are actually one of Patna’s key social media influencer. Their YouTube channel Patna Shots show things in and around Patna. Judging by their video, people have a general perception that these two ladies are rich. They have a lifestyle, cleanliness has always been their motto. But in the adverse situation of flooding due to drainage failure, we saw them kicking aside their love for hygiene. They both went into neck deep jet black waters of  Rajendra nagar and Bazar Samiti to help people. While everyone was providing food water and medicine; Priya and Sonam understood the need of women around and took personal responsibility to also provide sanitary pads as well. They arranged for 1500 pads for the women stuck in dirty water.

Sonam and Priya Nath during the Clean Patna Drive
Sonam and Priya Nath during the Clean Patna Drive

From rescue and relief to Cleanliness Drive, these powerful women

Priya and Sonam after distributing relief material
Priya and Sonam after distributing relief material

have shown us our limit of understanding them. They have shown us how we are blindly stuck on their outer beauty and not their beautiful mind.


It will be unjust if we just mention above three when it comes to lending the selfless support and care to people in distress. We also would like to appreciate the selfless care from, Shejal Maurya, Meenakshi, Omna Singh, Akanksha Abhishek, Jyotsna Kashyap, Kajal Kashyap, Akanksha, Ankita, Rajani Parashar, Ojaswini Sharma, Nikita Ranjan, Shambhavi Singh, Mugdha, Rachna Pridarshini; the list is long, still Team Patna Diaries salutes all you beautiful brave-hearts.