Flourishing cafes in Patna

Cafe Culture in Patna

A cup of cappuccino, a beautiful evening and spicy gossip with friends. Sound Perfect, isn’t? This is the scene of different cafes in Patna. Gone are the days when you needed to think about where to hang out with friends.

Earlier, there was hardly any cafe in Patna. Also, the restaurants which were there; were so expensive that college and school goers can’t afford, but now the city is flooded with Cafes. There are various theme-based cafes in Patna which serves the best of flavours and is a favourite hangout destination for youngsters.
There are several pocket-friendly cafes where one can easily spend some time and turn hours into memories.

Whether you want to hang out with your friends, celebrate your birthday party, go on a date or romantic evening or want do any official meeting, the cafes in town are just perfect for every occasion. Also one can earn a moment of solitude with a cup of coffee with Novels.

A warm cup of strongly brewed goodness has the power to change your mood with its mesmerizing flavours. Along with tasty and delightful dishes, which will take your taste buds on a ride of heavenly flavours, the cafes offer an amazing ambience too.

Different cafes in Patna with cool ambience will change your mood and will fill you with positivity.

Unique seating arrangement with beautiful lightings will compel you to Sit. Also, these cafes have separate smoking zones. It’s not only about food or money, but youngsters are also attracted to these cafes for good pictures. The beautiful and unique interior of these cafes adds the best picture to one’s gallery. Many cafes have separate selfie zone where youngsters are often found capturing memories.

These food joints completely changed the night culture of Patna by serving the customers until 1:00 am. Now You cannot say “No” to midnight cravings and enjoy food and satisfy your taste buds anytime.

Cafes in Patna have a magical combination of good food and attractive ambience and Patnaities are enjoying the flourishing cafe culture. Day by day these cafes are becoming the favourite hangout destination of youngsters.

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Neda Ali is a student of Patna Women’s College. She is pursuing a Bachelor in Mass Communication. She is a food blogger and also writes a weekly column Food-o-Meter for Dainik Jagran iNext Patna.

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